Friday, July 20, 2018

Get to Know Your Customer Day

The customer service industry, regardless of any specific niche within it, is incredibly dependent upon the satisfaction of the customers they serve. Hence the memorable expression, “The customer is always right!” being the banner which most businesses operate under. Our gallery is no different in that regard, and is happy to be celebrating Get to Know Your Customer Day with all of you, our cherished clientele! 

While we feel it’s important to celebrate marked holidays, we also feel that we celebrate getting to know our customers every single day. Our focus once you walk in the doors of our gallery is to provide you with an informative, memorable experience. Buying art should be a momentous occasion for all, from the buyer of the most expensive items we have to the person buying an on sale poster or print.

Entering an art gallery can be intimidating to the first time shopper, and we all understand that very much here at Fascination St. Fine Art. Things are big, expensive, and sometimes can be hard to interpret or understand when you’re new to the art world. Our first goal is to of course eliminate that fear of the unknown - our staff are all very knowledgeable and friendly, and happy to walk anyone through the gallery while giving our perspectives on certain pieces, frame design ideas, current artists, and so much more. 

But don’t just take our word for it - you can see for yourself through our blog banner and various review sites that we are very well reviewed, and on the occasions that someone would leave unhappy we strive to make amends however we can. These policies that we hold as credo here are what set us apart from other galleries - and it’s why we have managed to stay in business with such a great reputation since 1992. 

For more information about the gallery, please feel free to see our social media sites, email us, or call us anytime! We look forward to hearing from you. 

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Monday, July 16, 2018

Nano Lopez - Master Sculptor!

The world as seen through the eyes of a child is a place of unfettered creativity, imagination, and boundless fun. There’s no facet of media that doesn’t try to play on this concrete fact of growing up, but there’s one artist in particular who has made a name for himself based on this ideology: Nano Lopez.

If you’re unfamiliar, Nano Lopez is a Colombian-born sculptor who is internationally recognized as a master of his craft. Lopez uses an ancient method of sculpting called the “lost wax” casting method that dates back to ancient Egypt, which helps him achieve the pristine levels of detail in his sculptures. (If you’re curious as to what all this very detail-oriented process entails, here’s a link to Nano Lopez’s process explanation - it’s truly fascinating! This casting method is what allows him to be so detailed with his integration of organic and synthetic textures and shapes in his work. The unique blend of the variety of silhouettes that exist within our whole world are mixed in a vibrant, amusing manner that appeals to the core of the collective human experience.

Nano’s artistic talents were obvious from a young age - from winning first prize in a drawing contest at 5 years old to finding wet clay at construction sites as a teenager to practice making clay figures that were copies of master works. With guidance and inspiration from his grandmother, another ceramics and water clay artist, Nano honed his technical skills and became the talent he is today. His father was a chemical engineer, which provided Nano with inspiration from the various metals and textures his father worked with, to the chemicals they used and the effects they had on the metals. With all of this inspiration and technical instruction, Lopez ended up with the complete package for becoming the master bronze sculptor that he is.

Though Nano started out specifically in just making models, he has expanded his work to what he lovingly dubs his “Nanimals” - a light-hearted, fun series of bronze cast sculptures that feature a wide variety of textures and shapes, fun colors, and compositions that connect with you on a deeper level, that child-like place where life is still fun and mysterious.

You can check out Nano Lopez’s artwork here at Fascination St. Fine Art every day, but he has a solo show coming up August 24th and 25th! Stay tuned to here or our social media for more information on that front.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Godard ROCKS Denver 7/28/18

Michael Godard, the self-proclaimed “Rockstar of the Art World” will be joining Fascination St. Fine Art and Frame on Saturday July 28th, 2018. At this event you can get artwork dedicated, talk with Michael Godard himself, and peruse and purchase artwork to your heart’s content. It’s guaranteed to be an invigorating, unforgettable event!

This electrifying artist draws crowds both young and old from all walks of life, as his unique perspective on fun, imagination, and humor with his olives, grapes, and strawberries tend to inspire everyone to think outside of the normal creative box. Godard shows us the whole spectrum of human emotion through a lens of satire and humor, with a level of skill that is unparalleled in the art world.

Godard’s artwork is not only exciting to look at and inspiring in quality, it's also emotionally charged and serves a purpose greater than itself - Michael Godard is incredibly dedicated to philanthropic causes revolving around finding a cure for cancer. Inspired by the untimely passing of his daughter in 2006, Godard hopes to utilize his status and notoriety to fund finding a cure for the disease and save lives in the process. He works closely with St Jude’s, The Sharon Osbourne Colon Cancer Foundation, Make a Wish, and the Nevada Cancer Institute to help serve that purpose.

The interest and talent train doesn’t stop with artist and philanthropist for Michael Godard. In 2014, Michael Godard’s Vodka appeared on liquor store shelves throughout the United States. He has also done custom work for clients including slot machines, album covers, and guitar designs for the lead guitarist of the rock band Guns N’ Roses. You can read about Michael Godard’s life, his inspirations and see beautiful images of his work in his art book, “Don’t Drink and Draw” which was called the best art book of 2006 by USA Book News. Godard’s work can be seen everywhere from galleries across the nation, to the officer’s lounge at the Pentagon and every US Navy Aircraft center, as he is widely collected and internationally acclaimed.

Come experience all of the unique, energetic fun that is Michael Godard’s work with us here at Fascination St. Fine Art and Frame on July 28th - this event is one you won’t want to miss out on! For more information on this show, our artists and merchandise, and other shows we have going on please feel free to visit our website or various social media accounts and you can stay up to date on all the latest fine art news.

Instagram: @Fascinationstfineartgallery

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

With the season’s changing from spring to summer, it is important to remember that temperature and humidity can affect your artwork. One thing to do, is to monitor the temperature and keep it within a 20 degree range, limiting exposure to varying changes in temperature. When the weather fluctuates from 40 degrees to 75 degrees your canvas is more likely to expand and contract.

The same concept applies to the humidity in the air, efforts should be made to keep the humidity within a 20% range, we suggest using humidifiers and dehumidifiers accordingly. Otherwise, when the humidity varies too much your canvas can develop waves. In some instances it may become necessary to bring your art in to a frame shop having it re-stretched, however if they sustain too many variances in humidity your canvas can become permanently damaged.

Fresh air circulation is helpful as well, it is best to use your ceiling fan and hang your art on the wall in a way that allows for some air flow behind the artwork. These measures will help to ensure your art stays in great condition, upholding its value for years to come.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Todd White is coming to Denver!!!

A bit about the show...
WHEN: Friday November 13th 2015       5 PM - 8 PM
         Saturday November 14th 2015      1 PM - 5 PM
WHERE: Fascination St. Fine Art Gallery 315 Detroit St. Denver, CO 80206
Call 303.333.1566 or email for more information!

A bit about Todd White's Style...

Todd White is a figurative expressionist painter, some have even gone as far as to call his style "Rat pack meets Picasso". He was the lead character designer on the Nickelodeon show SpongeBob Squarepants, and some of that fun, playfulness can be seen in his current work. This style turned Todd into a multi-million dollar brand of his own. He was commissioned by the Grammys to do their 2007 official poster, do the first-ever illustrations on Coca-Cola light, and Sylvester Stallone paid $280,000 for an original piece.

A bit about Todd White's Story...

Born in 1969 in Texas, Todd White came from humble roots. During his twenties he relocated to the west coast and worked in the animation field, developing characters at some of the most renowned production studios in the country. As an artist, over time, Todd White has gained fame in the UK and the rest of the world, best known for his paintings of the Hollywood scene. All aspects are captured, including the highlife in fashionable nightclubs and restaurants and the A-list stars! 

Todd White art is very distinctive in style and concept. As Todd explains, It all started with my Mom who was a painter and probably my biggest inspiration and hero. My whole life art has taken care of me. 

Todd White eventually moved to Los Angeles where he landed a job with Warner Brothers Studios and ended up working for Nickelodeon becoming the lead character designer of SpongeBob SquarePants. It was a fantastic gig to have. It was a dream job for a young aspiring guy because what pays the bills better than doing your craft every day. It allowed me to go home at night and keep pounding away at my paintings, he says. 

During this period Todd White started to forge his artistic style by experimenting with style and concept. He eventually arrived at the working method that now guides him through every piece. Todd always names his pieces first, visualizes faces and personalities, then develops each person's story. In fact, Todd White doesn't paint at all until he can conceptually see that story in his head. And he always tells it as directly as possible - what isn't necessary to the story doesn't go on the canvas. 

Todd White is an impulsive observer of detail, always studying and absorbing figures, faces and features. Subconsciously, he spends his life people-watching - scribbling down sketches whatever the situation (often on napkins, even tablecloths) to record an idea for his next work. Todd White's paintings captivate people. They often invoke laughter and demand repeated viewings. By revealing his subjects' innermost feelings Todd creates timeless scenes of attraction and intimacy. Beneath the exaggerated features and textured skin of his characters there is truth. Both theirs and ours. 

Todd's subjects come from the everyday world, but his perspective is so unusual that he alters the way we perceive people and the roles we play around each other. He studies body language, using its nuances to capture the subtleties of what people show and hide. 

Todd White has an impressive list of accomplishments including being the lead character designer of SpongeBob SquarePants; being the official artist of the 49th Annual Grammy awards; being asked by Warner Brothers to contribute to a major design exhibition celebrating the 70th Anniversary of The Wizard of Oz; creating a portrait of Princess Diana for the Princess Diana Memorial Fund; and joining the ranks of artists like Norman Rockwell and Andy Warhol when he was asked by Coca Cola to create a series of inspirational sketches that appeared on their bottles. Todd White is the only artist in history that Coca Cola agreed to have his signature appear on their bottles! 

There is no denying the Art of Todd White is infectious, resulting in White becoming one of the most collected American artists alive in the world today! Remember every time you purchase Todd White artwork over $995, shipping is FREE in the continental U.S. and there is NO SALES TAX when you purchase outside of Colorado. We SHIP WORLDWIDE and offer Layaway for Todd White art. Check out the Todd White Art Project here!

A bit about the show...
WHEN: Friday November 13th 2015       5 PM - 8 PM
         Saturday November 14th 2015      1 PM - 5 PM
WHERE: Fascination St. Fine Art Gallery 315 Detroit St. Denver, CO 80206
Call 303.333.1566 or email for more information!

Thanks for reading!
-Fascination St.

Henry Asencio will be at Fascination St. Fine Art Gallery THIS WEEKEND!

"I want people to feel what I am doing - not just see what I am painting." 
Henry Asencio

Henry Asencio's stylistic approach entraps the viewers desires and completely conceptualizes a feeling within the painting with the combination of figurative drama and spontaneous abstract backgrounds. His aggressive strokes and loose contemporary style blended with a perfect combination of classic figurative painting is almost reminiscent of the impressionists. Merging introspection and visual spectacle, Henry Asencio's personal investigations of femininity, spirituality and abstraction possess the power to transform todays ideals of elegance and contemporary sensuality.

"Painting for me is very cathartic and is the most articulate way for me to express my passion and internal dialogues."

A Bit About Asencio's Journey....
In 1996, Henry Asencio was sponsored by art supply company, Thayer and Chandler, which resulted in exposure in exhibitions as far as Germany and Paris. In 1998, Henry Asencios work was recognized in an art competition in Amsterdam, where he earned the prestige of being a first-time artist dually awarded with gold and silver medals in two separate divisions: self-portraiture in oils and work in acrylic medium. Excellent in his chosen discipline, Henry Asencio graduated with honors from the San Francisco Art Academy in 1999. Henry Asencio was even a chosen finalist in The Artists Magazine competion that same year, again for his work in portraiture. 

Although Henry Asencio earned a living as a portrait artist early in his career, today he is more concerned with creating a mood and pushing the aesthetic rather than achieving a true likeness as the ultimate end. Henry Asencio refers to the current content of his work as sublime figures with aggressive application. Henry Asencio proclaims an admiration for artists who have chosen their own paththose who are inspired to follow their muse. This is the path Henry Asencio has chosen for himself as a fine artist. Inspired by the works of British artist Lucien Freud, the grandson of Sigmund Freud, Henry Asencio claims, his work of the flesh is unsurpassed. Henry Asencio is also motivated by the unbelievable vision, work ethic and unrelenting passion of Pablo Picasso. Other notable inspirations include Wilhelm de Kooning for making every stroke of the brush different, and Gustav Klimt for making decorative painting with integrity. 

Henry Asencio paints from his studio in San Jose, California, inspired by women, life, experience and nature. Using life as a vehicle to produce his art, Henry Asencio's work translates an impulse into his own reality on canvas and other surfaces. Henry Asencio has recently begun to paint on board, as the surface is more resilient to his aggressive paint style. The artist prefers to work in oil as nothing compares to the richness and workability of the oil medium and it fits my technique perfectly. Henry Asencio's work is in such high demand, it takes him at least 9 months to complete an original. 

Watch this quick video and learn more about the inspiration behind Henry Asencio's "In Bloom" release. This was created for the American Heart Association and the "Go Red" campaign! For more information: Please Click Here 

Remember every time you purchase Henry Asencio artwork over $995, shipping is FREE in the continental U.S. and there is NO SALES TAX when you purchase outside of Colorado. We SHIP WORLDWIDE and offer Layaway for Henry Asencio art. 

A Bit About the event THIS WEEKEND....

WHEN: Friday October 16th 5PM - 8PM
             Saturday October 17th 1 PM - 5 PM
WHERE: Fascination ST. Fine Art Gallery 315 Detroit St. Denver, CO 80206

Call 303.333.1566 or email for more information.

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-Fascination St. Fine Art

Friday, July 17, 2015

Nano Lopez is coming to Denver!

Samuel the Poet  -   Davian the Dragon  -  Sherlock the Scotty

Nano Lopez, the man behind these amazing whimsical bronze sculptures, will be in Denver Saturday August 15th from 4-8 PM & Sunday August 16th from 1-4 PM! Get a glimpse of the inner creative workings of his imagination and chat with him about his next projects! Each piece is hand painted, making each piece an unique one of a kind piece! The texture and detail is so personal to Nano, all
the odd objects he incorporated into the pieces truly represent his 
unique perspective. I would almost go as far to say that these pieces hold a somewhat steam punk feel, incorporating human- made objects like cogs and wheels along with stamped numbers and beautiful colored patinas and merging them with beautiful natural organic beings.

"The transformation from clay to bronze has always been magical to me" - Nano Lopez

A quick tip before we go....
Make sure to keep your Nano Lopez pieces out of direct sunlight, as the light might change the colors of the patinas. Also NEVER use harsh chemicals to clean your pieces. Use light soapy water when cleaning!

Thanks for reading!
-Fascination St. Fine Art